Upper Facial Treatment Areas

Eyebrow Lift          $450

Upper Eyelid         $450

Under Eye             $450

Crows Feet            $350

Forehead Lines     $450+

Frown Lines           $350

Mid Facial Treatment Areas

Tear Troughs                    $450

Bunny Lines                     $450

Nasolabial Folds              $450

Cheek Lift                         $450

Earlobe Rejuvenation     $350

Accordion Lines               $450

Lower Facial Treatment Areas

Lip / Smokers Lines        $450

Marionette Lines            $450

Mouth Corners               $350

Jawline Tightening          $450

Chin Lines                        $350

Other Popular Treatment Areas

We offer additional treatment area options and packaging. Contact us today to reserve your FREE consultation with one of our certified Plamere Plasma Fibroblast technicians.