plasma fibrolast; skin tightening

Plasma Pen Pre-Treatment Guide

Plasma Pen treatment is the only FDA-approved cosmetic treatment to use plasma to rejuvenate and tighten the skin. Plamsa Pen treatment results are long-lasting  and more affordable than cosmetic surgery. With its low-risk and minimal discomfort and downtime you'll only wonder why you waited so long.

Like most skin rejuvenation treatments, there may be some side-effects and post-treatment recovery following the Plasma Pen treatment. For most guests, Plasma Pen treatment is virtually pain-free to moderately uncomfortable or sensitive depending upon the area(s) being treated (especially eyelid procedures where skin is at its thinnest).  Keep this in mind and consider your own sensitivities and tolerances.

Before your Plasma Pen treatment

  • Complete necessary form(s) and treatment consent. During your initial consultation, you will complete and go over contraindications to ensure you are an appropriate candidate for Plasma Pen treatment. Plasma Pen Guest Registration and Consent and Policies form(s) are also required.

  • Avoid any tanning (including spray tan, tanning injections, tanning bed/booth) for at least 2 weeks before treatment. Ideally begin using minimum 30SPF, we recommend Prevention+ Daily Moisturizer, 2 weeks prior to prepare your skin for treatment. Medium to dark skin tones may wish to consider using a natural tyrosinase inhibitor to help prevent hyperpigmentation.

  • Avoid other procedures in the same area(s) you intend to have treated with the Plasma Pen (ex. laser therapy, chemical peel, Botox, fillers) as this may prevent your treatment from being performed.

  • No facial acids (Retin A, salicylic, glycolic) 14 days before to 21 days post-treatment

  • No Botox or fillers 21 days before to 21 days post-treatment

  • No Micro-needling/PRP 21 days before to 21 days post-treatment

  • No laser or chemical peel 90 days before to 90 days post-treatment

  • *Plasma Pen treatment can be a great refinement to cosmetic surgery - minimum 9-months post-op before Plasma Pen treatment

On your treatment day, cleanse thoroughly and avoid use of any cosmetic products (including makeup) in the treatment area(s). You may take an anti-histamine 30 -minutes prior to your appointment to help with swelling and you may continue to take for 2-3 days post-treatment if needed.